Youtube star KSI on how he earned more money than his teachers by playing Fifa

Youtube star KSI reveals that he earned more money than his teachers by recording himself playing video games.

Olajide Olatunji, better known as the Youtuber KSI, appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday (October 31).

The Abbots Langley star who has millions of online fans discussed how his hobby of playing Fifa in his bedroom eventually turned into his career.

Speaking on the show, he said: “It started with me just recording videos in my home. I was about 15 and I pretty much started with gaming videos such as Fifa and Call of Duty.

“You know overtime I just worked hard and it kind of got to a point where I’m now on this show.”

He realised he could make a career from his hobby after he saw other people in the online community making money by uploading videos.

He added: “I saw that a few other people were making money from it. I didn’t know I could make money from my hobby, I just enjoyed doing it.”

The former Berkhamsted School pupil said he looked into making revenue from videos and by putting in the hard work he said he eventually started to earn more than his teachers.

He added: “I still had to try and balance my school with Youtube and it was very hard. I got to the point where I told my teacher how much I was making and he said ‘you’re making more than me.’

“That was the moment where I knew I needed to do this and once I got past that barrier I had to get past my parents.”

KSI said his parents wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor but he eventually told his parents he wanted to make a living by uploading gaming videos.

He added: “It was a lot of back and forth but eventually they saw the money and said go for it.”

Since starting Youtube full time he has reached more than 30 million subscribers and hit more than seven billion video views across his two individual channels.

He also recently released his single Really Love with singer Craig David, who also was on the ITV show at the weekend.

Speaking on the show, Craig David said: “KSI sent over the tune and the chorus was already written and Digital Farm Animals worked on the track.

“I get sent a lot of stuff over to me that I could feature on but it’s when something sounds like a hit record off the bat.

“I just really appreciate the fact that he called me to ask if I would jump on it because I know about his career and what he’s done.”

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