Accident blackspots in Watford for young drivers

Young drivers are involved in around one in four car accidents across the UK – but which roads in Watford are the worst? 

An interactive map shows you where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ and ‘slight’ cycling accidents have happened in your area by using the latest police and government data.

Michelle Harrington, road safety manager at RoSPA, said:

“Drivers aged 17 to 24 make up just seven per cent of UK licence holders, yet are involved in around one in four of all crashes that result in someone being killed or seriously injured.

“This is largely due to inexperience, so it’s vital that young people’s learning experiences on the road are as extensive and involved as possible.” 

Crash Map shows that 718 accidents involving young drivers occurred in Watfordfrom 2014 to 2019. 

Hillingdon Times:

Exchange Road (Image – Google Maps)

Director of campaigns for the national road safety charity, Brake, Joshua Harris said: 

“Young people are disproportionately at risk on the roads and action must be taken to put an end to this tragic situation. 

“We need to make our licensing system more robust so that when a driver passes their test, they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to drive safely on all roads and in all conditions.”

Mr Harris added that a graduated driving license system which would have a mandatory learning period and post-test training is essential to ensure all new drivers have the necessary tools and knowledge to drive safely on our roads. 

Hillingdon Times:

There were more than 700 accidents with young drivers in Watford between Croxley Green, Northwood, Bushey and North Watford during 2014 to 2019. 

The highest concentration of accidents involving young people occurred around the town centre, with key hotspots including Exchange Road and the A411 fly over.

One of the key accident black spots for young drivers in Watford is the Upton Road junction on Exchange Road, where numerous crashes, one of which was ‘serious’ have been recorded. 

Hillingdon Times:

Eastbury Road, the A4125, has seen five crashes recorded, all of which were ‘slight’.

However, around Prestwick Road there were three ‘serious’ accidents recorded during the five year period, on Oaklands Avenue and Green Lane. 

The Oxhey Road junction on Eastbury Road is another hotspot for accidents involving young drivers, with five being recorded in this area.

There have been another five incidents reported around the entrance to Watford General Hospital along Vicarage Road, all of which were ‘slight’.

Hillingdon Times:

Heading towards North Watford on the A412 and A411 there have been a range of accidents involving young drivers, two of which were ‘serious’.

To find out how many accidents were on your road visit Crash Maps. 

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